If you are looking for a Truckload logistics company, look no further than Garanttrans. As one of the top trucking companies in GA, we understand the specialized field of temperature controlled transport.

Which is why our trucks are equipped with the latest and most advanced Truckload and highly experienced drivers. Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable Truckload transport services for your sensitive.

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What Sets Our Temperature Controlled Shipping Apart

Refrigerated shipping of perishable cargo requires both precise scheduling and high attention to details. When it comes to reefer loads, on-time deliveries and reliability are non-negotiable. As one of the best refrigerated trucking companies in Alpharetta, GA, we have plenty of expertise in meeting the needs of temperature controlled shipping.  

Our crew of experienced dispatchers maintains constant communication with our drivers and refrigerated transport customers. All routes are planned ahead of time to ensure your shipment gets to its final destination as quickly as possible. This way the perishable items will remain as fresh as they were when first loaded. 

When you choose Garanttrans as your temperature controlled supply chain partner, not only will the shelves of your retail customers always remain stocked, but your consumers will also enjoy the products as intended. 

Through years of experience of hauling refrigerated cargo and frozen freight for major food corporations, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner of the food industry. This reputation is just one of the many things that sets us apart from other refrigerated trucking companies.  

Best in Class Refrigerated Trailers

When you choose us as your refrigerated freight logistics company, you are getting the most advanced reefer trailers. We always use only the best equipment available to provide the level refrigerated transportation quality and value our customers deserve. Our trailers are equipped with a monitor for the cooling system that enables the driver to maintain the needed temperature during transit. This provides additional assurance that your products will arrive in the required condition.  

Refrigerated Trucking Company You Can Trust

Although there are numerous transportation companies that advertise the management of sensitive, frozen, and refrigerated transport, none can match the friendly, trusted, and reliable service of Garanttrans. Managing frozen truckload shipments and refrigerated LTL is complex and requires specialized solutions. 

Many refrigerated logistics companies plan their runs for temperature controlled freight that is more convenient for their bottom line but does little for your schedule. We strive to provide individualized care and place the utmost importance on delivering your sensitive refrigerated freight safe and sound and in a timely manner. 

If you need to transport temperature sensitive goods such as frozen freight, foods, dairy, or other products that require accurate temperature control, the transportation services we provide will give you the personalized logistics you need. Our expertise of all types of commodities will not only help maintain the quality of your sensitive freight but solve your temperature controlled shipping needs. As the best regional and national refrigerated LTL carriers, we offer a range of services that gives you the needed options to succeed in the delicate industry of refrigerated transport.

If you would like more information about our refrigerated shipping services in Alpharetta, GA, don’t wait and call us today!



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